Preparing Seniors for Connecticut Winters

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Cold weather in Hartford, CT can inconvenience the most able-bodied individual, but it can be especially challenging for older adults. Cold temperatures, ice and snow all pose significant risks to the elderly population. Taking steps to prepare for the winter can ease the transition and safeguard seniors against certain potential hazards. Listed below are some tips from the expert senior caregivers in West Hartford at Home Care Assistance.
A well-stocked supply of winter necessities helps prepare for some of the unexpected circumstances of harsh winters, such as blackouts and subzero temperatures. Ice poses a particular danger to older people in regard to falls, so be sure to pick up some rock salt and sand which have the ability to melt ice and provide traction. Also be sure that your aging loved one has a supply of nonperishable food and water in case they are stuck inside for several days.  Other supplies include: a radio and batteries, firewood, warm clothing and blankets, and emergency kits.

Preparing the Home
Many steps can be taken to prepare the home for winter. Leaky doors and windows can be repaired and sealed to keep out cold air. Conserve energy by shutting off heat to unused areas of the home but keep the temperature at or above 68 degrees to avoid hypothermia, which elderly adults are especially susceptible to. Staying on top of energy bills can prevent the heat from being shut off during cold weather, so it might be beneficial to have a family member monitoring the senior’s finances. Other precautions include installing handrails, having the furnace inspected, and winterizing vehicles.

The Bottom Line
Senior citizens can face numerous difficulties in winter weather. Ultimately, planning ahead for potential winter issues minimizes potential dangers, leaving more time for enjoying what this wonderful season has to offer.

For increased peace of mind, especially during winter months when travel becomes difficult and many seniors remain homebound, consider talking to your aging loved one about the possibility of a 24/7 caregiver in West Hartford. Having a live-in caregiver for continuous support, companionship and assistance with daily tasks can put your aging loved one’s mind at ease.

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