Factors That Influence a Senior’s Quality of Life: Part 1 of 2

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What is “quality of life” and how does an aging adult maintain it? Home Care Assistance of Greater Hartford, CT believes that quality of life is something that is unique to each individual; it is a collection of our dreams, passions, cultural perspectives, values, overall health, relationships, contentedness in our environment, and so much more.  “Quality of life” is, indeed, a subjective term, but it is still something that is important to understand when addressing the unique factors that make a senior’s life one worth living.

In this two-part article, we’ll address four of the important elements that affect an older adult’s quality of life.


As our parents grow older, it’s important to understand that they’re forced to deal with the death of loved ones on a more frequent basis. How can a senior fill the hole that’s left when friends die? Re-building their social network can help.

Skype – This technology provides the ability to talk to another person live over video. Skype transmits conversation through the Internet and then video calls can be made where you see the other person as you speak. To use Skype, you need a modern computer that can run the software, Internet access, a headset, and microphone. Once you download and install the software, your loved one can make free calls from the computer. Skype enables seniors to converse with one or more people simultaneously.

Spiritual Support- Many churches and synagogues provide outreach services to seniors. Churches offer homebound ministry volunteers who can schedule regular contact with a caring parishioner. Additionally, most synagogues provide transportation for seniors to their social, fitness, and educational programs. Religious organizations also offer plenty of opportunity for socializing with like-minded individuals.


When a person’s vision and hearing are impaired, a sense of isolation can creep in. However, helpful resources are available to seniors who wish to stay engaged and active.

Library Services – A library card provides access to books in various formats including large-print books and audio books on CD. Classic movies and documentaries are available on DVD and some libraries have a “Dial-A-Book” service, which mails books to homebound seniors.

Hearing Aids – A hearing aid can open up the world for a hearing-impaired person. Although hearing aids are expensive, financial assistance is available. Veterans may qualify for financial assistance through a local Veterans Administration facility. State and local agencies can be contacted for information on hearing aid banks, clinics, and loan programs.

Captioning – A caption is a written text of speech. Most television programs have closed captioning where the corresponding text is shown on the TV screen. Captions can be turned on through a TV remote or by going to the menu and finding the caption option and the print size can be made large for easy reading.

Don’t let your aging loved one live a life that isn’t full of joy, happiness and purpose due to old age. Having the help of a 24/7 live-in caregiver in West Hartford can prove to be a tremendous help, both physically and emotionally. One of our caregivers can assist with everyday tasks, transportation, companionship and so much more.

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