How to Preserve Memories & Family History

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Your aging family members have the most amazing stories to share from their younger years. Although they might occasionally forget where they placed their glasses or what day of the week it is, they can remember with great clarity how their children took their first steps, funny things their pets did over the years and monumental moments in history such as the great depression or the Women’s Movement. These memories and family histories are worth saving, but you may not know how to preserve them and make them engaging for a younger generation. Here are some ideas to help you save these incredible milestones and memories before it’s too late.

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Break out the Photo Album. In the past, people took the family photos and tucked them neatly into an album or box. Comments might be found on the back including the names of the individuals photographed and the date, but the stories that go with the photograph aren’t always written down. Take the time to go through those pictures and fill in the blanks. Record the information on the back of the photo, or start assembling a family album complete with thorough journaling. Not only is this a great way to preserve memories, but it’s also a great way to help keep an aging loved one engaged. Having them think back to find memories of their past is an exercise that promotes socialization and enhanced brain health.

Record a Home Video. It’s surprisingly easy to get seniors talking when you share a few stories of your own. Turn on the video recorder and start talking about something funny that’s happened in your day. Ask your aging parent or grandparent if they ever went through something similar. You never know what amazing story from the past will surface, but whatever it is, you’ll be able to capture it on video. It can be even more rewarding if done as a family group, so gather the youngest and elder members of your family this holiday and see what childhood stories surface! You’d be surprised at how fast everyone gets involved.

The memories of your aging parent or loved one are important, and it’s a great idea to record them to share with future generations! For more tips on how to celebrate the holidays with your aging loved ones, contact Home Care Assistance of Greater Hartford. We’re also available to provide hourly home care, West Hartford families can rely on to alleviate some of the burden as you prepare for family gatherings and celebrations. Contact a Care Manager today at 860-323-3462 to schedule a no-risk, complimentary consultation.


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