Trusted Post-Hospital Care In Greater Hartford

Following a surgical procedure, injury or illness, seniors and their families rely on Home Care Assistance for comprehensive and compassionate post-hospital care in Greater Hartford, CT. One of the leading causes of hospital readmission or slow recovery is the lack of proper support following discharge. Seniors and their family members often find themselves overwhelmed during the post-hospital recovery period, unable to balance follow-up appointments with the doctor, new medications and limitations in mobility. That’s where we come in. The Home Care Assistance Transition Home Package™ is designed specifically to help families plan effectively for discharge, ensuring a seamless transition to home, while also providing the ongoing care and support the patient needs for effective rehabilitation.

Ongoing Post-Hospital Care from the Comfort of Home

Our Transition Home Package™ first begins with a comprehensive consultation. A certified Care Manager will speak with your family either in person or over the phone, to create a plan of care tailored to the individual needs and personal preferences of the senior. After matching a caregiver in terms of competency, personality and interests, they will meet your family at the hospital or the home to support the initial transition. Following the critical 72 hour post-hospital period, caregivers provide ongoing support for:

  • Recovery procedures: Ensure the senior takes their prescribed medications, completes rehabilitation exercises and attends all follow-up appointments.
  • Household chores: Help with cleaning, laundry, chores and other physical activities that may be too difficult for a recently discharged patient to perform.
  • Physical needs: Provide physical assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing and grooming, eating and transferring, tailored to the patients needs.
  • Meal preparation Prepare meals that are in line with doctor recommendations and our proprietary Balanced Care Method™ which emphasizes healthy, balanced nutrition and regular caloric intake.

Throughout the post-hospital care process, caregivers will continue to evaluate the safety of the senior at home, providing recommendations about additional equipment or home modifications to aid and support recovery. Families can also expect regular status updates from our care team, at their discretion. We understand that this period can be distressing and want to include you in the care process, keeping you as informed as possible.

What Will You Gain from Our Transition Home Package™?

Our highly trained and experienced caregivers provide more than physical assistance, they offer emotional support and companionship throughout the post-hospitalization care experience. Greater Hartford seniors benefit from the positive encouragement provided and are able to rest and focus on their recovery knowing they are in caring and professional hands. Families also gain peace of mind knowing a reliable and highly trained caregiver is always by their loved one’s side.

Want to learn how we can help you or an elderly loved one make a smooth transition from hospital to home with Greater Hartford post-hospital care? For home care, West Hartford can contact a Care Manager today at (860) 372-4500 for a free in-home consultation.