The Benefits of Pet Therapy among Aging Adults

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Pets are all around lovable. Any owner knows that these domesticated animals can quickly become life-long friends and many individuals even consider them to be like family. As so, it’s no wonder that they make perfect companions for aging adults.

Many organizations around West Hartford offer pet therapy programs due to the overwhelming health benefits related to having fun with a four-legged companion. Senior residents in West Hartford have various ways in which they can be introduced to furry friends. A caregiver in Greater Hartford  could take your aging loved one to a pet therapy facility, you could arrange for a therapy dog to come for an in-home visit, or, after a family discussion, could even take your aging parent for a trip to the pet store to purchase their own dog or cat.

Being able to select your own pet builds self-esteem. However, it’s important to take precaution. The overall cost for caring for the pet, finding suitable living conditions as well and the amount of energy needed to properly tend to the pet’s needs should all be carefully considered before making a decision.

Being paired with the right pet can make all the difference. It may be good to know that older dogs tend to require less maintenance. These loyal companions are past the frisky biting phase and just want to be loved.

Although owning a pet is a big responsibility, it is one that could prove to be immensely rewarding for an aging senior who is craving companionship. Caring for a pet boosts social interaction, mental well-being and physical health. It encourages mobility and reduces incidences of depression which is often caused by loneliness or isolation. Having a pet also keeps the owner feeling needed, which is something most adults miss as they age.

All of the social and emotional advantages that come with caring for a pet happen to contribute to the physical benefits. For one, experts report that having a four legged friend around, such as a cat or friendly dog, can lower blood pressure. In addition, walking pets on a regular basis will allow seniors to get some fresh air and exercise on an ongoing basis. Feeding, grooming, entertaining and simply giving affection to a pet all help to keep a senior active.

If you are considering pet therapy for your aging loved but need a helping hand, consider hiring a Home Care Assistance caregiver. Our loving and compassionate live-in or hourly caregivers in Greater Hartford can help arrange pet therapy visits or care after a pet. In addition, they can also assist your aging parent with activities of daily living, personal hygiene, grooming, dishwashing, light housekeeping and much more.

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