Simple Ways to Brighten a Senior Loved One’s Day

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There are a variety of ways that you can improve your loved one’s day. The best part is, most of these ways are completely free and require little else than your time. With the tips listed below, provided by Home Care Assistance of Greater Hartford, you’ll enhance a senior’s quality of life by giving them some of your quality time. 

Talk About What They Love

Reminiscing on the good times is one way to brighten up your loved one’s day, as nothing makes a person happier than discussing something they love and have a passion for. You can talk with your senior about past vacations, the plot lines on their daily TV shows, or even share stories about what other members of the family are up to. You could also ask for their opinion on an issue that you’re facing. By soliciting them for advice, you’re allowing them to feel needed and valued. You also get the added bonus of gaining some of their mature knowledge and wisdom!

Go Outside

If it is physically possible, head outdoors. Since seniors tend to spend most of their time indoors, take advantage of any nice weather that comes your way by putting together a picnic out on the yard, enjoying an afternoon of gardening, or by going for a walk around the neighborhood. This change of scenery, coupled with the fresh air and sunlight, can do wonders for your loved one’s outlook on life while also allowing them to get much needed exercise.

Bring a Pet

Interacting with a dog or cat is scientifically proven to boost levels of happiness. Seniors love being around friendly, small, and docile pets. Don’t have a pet of your own? Don’t worry! There are many pet therapy programs around Greater Hartford such as Tails of Joy that have animal companions specifically trained to work with seniors.

Get Help from an In-Home Senior Care Companion

At Home Care Assistance of Greater Hartford, we understand that it’s not always possible to spend time with your aging loved one on a daily basis, especially when you have a household of your own to tend to. That is when an hourly caregiver in Greater Hartford can be a beneficial addition to your elderly parent or loved one’s daily schedule. Not only are our caregivers able to assist with activities of daily living, but they also provide needed companionship and social stimulation.

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