Can Exercise Enhance Mood for Seniors?

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Coping with health conditions and age-related lifestyle changes can be challenging for seniors who may find that the occasional bad mood can arise during stressful situations. While spending time with friends and practicing relaxation rituals can have a positive impact upon one’s mood, it is also important to consider the benefits that exercise can have for lifting a senior’s spirits.

How Exercise Enhances Moods
During exercise, the body releases endorphins which have been shown to have a beneficial effect upon a person’s mood. Along with endorphins, seniors who exercise are more likely to experience less chronic pain, which can also play a role in negative mindsets. Finally, seniors who add a social element to their workout routine will find that they benefit from being surrounded by others who have a positive outlook. Seniors who are timid about joining a group class can look to family members, friends or even a West Hartford caregiver as exercise partners.

Best Exercises for a Positive Mindset
Exercise may help a person to develop a positive mindset; however, it is important to make sure that any new exercises are tailored to fit a senior’s fitness level. Therefore, low-impact exercises, such as yoga and tai chi, are perfect exercises for seniors. Even a simple walk outdoors can help to lift a senior out of a gloomy mood.

Establishing an Exercise Routine
Seniors who have an established exercise routine will achieve the greatest mood enhancement from physical activity each day. For this reason, it is important to set aside a specific time each day when a person can do their exercise. Early morning is a good time for a workout routine because it will allow time for the endorphins to do their mood-lifting work without interfering with a person’s ability to sleep. Do your or an aging loved one need help with a morning or evening routine? Learn more about part-time caregivers in West Hartford, CT.

For those who are seeking a healthy way to improve their mood, an exercise program can offer a wide range of benefits that include staving off illness and boosting endorphins that can make it easier to cope with life changes. By choosing a comfortable form of exercise that can be enjoyed on a regular schedule, seniors can enhance their mood through physical activity!

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