Dementia Home Care for Seniors in West Hartford, CT

At Home Care Assistance of Greater Hartford, CT, our caregivers are expertly trained in caring for an elderly loved one with dementia. Seniors living with dementia must cope with lack of memory, impaired communication, and sometimes struggle with focus, judgment, and vision. They are also likely to forget when to take their medication, how to prepare a nutritious meal, and even small day-to-day tasks like cleaning.

At Home Care Assistance of Greater Hartford, we understand how overwhelming taking on these responsibilities can be for family members. It is our mission to not only provide exceptional dementia care for your loved one, but ongoing assistance and support for you and your family during this challenging time.

Dementia Care West Hartford
West Hartford Dementia Care

Ensuring Maximum Dignity Comfort and Safety of Dementia Patients

Home Care Assistance guarantees the highest level of quality dementia care in Greater Hartford, CT. Understanding that not all individuals are adequately equipped to provide comprehensive dementia care, we require all of our caregivers to attend our Home Care Assistance University. Here, caregivers become educated on a variety of senior care topics from nutritious meal preparation to how to properly manage the physical symptoms of dementia. We also understand that seniors with dementia easily feel isolated and misunderstood. As a result, caregivers undergo training in how to effectively manage behavioral symptoms so that the senior feels included, comfortable and social.

The specialized dementia care provided to seniors in the comfort of home also promotes:

  • Independence:With the freedom to choose your own care schedule, dementia care can be used in early stages of the disease for help with cooking, light housekeeping and transportation, and later modified to address changing needs.
  • Safety:Having a reliable, experienced and certified caregiver ensures maximum safety at home. Around the clock monitoring is also available to reduce the risk for falls, accidents and wandering.
  • Cognitive functioning:Memory care activities and games are performed with the senior to support and enhance existing cognitive ability.
  • Companionship:The support and friendship of a caregiver helps combat depression and provides seniors with dementia with a sense of purpose.

A Holistic Approach to Caring for Seniors with Dementia

Home Care Assistance Greater Hartford focuses on the whole person, not just their medical struggles. We take pride in our holistic approach to care and tailor each dementia care plan to the individual needs and preferences of the senior. For home care, West Hartford care Management team is also working closely with Dementia Therapeutics, an in-home program that aids in slowing the progression of dementia, while strengthening memory. Dementia Therapeutics also uses an all-natural approach to nurture overall improvement in brain functioning and health.

For a free consultation, or to see if Home Care Assistance dementia home care in Greater Hartford, CT is right for you or an elderly loved one, please call (860) 372-4500 to speak with one of our certified Care Managers.

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