Checking-In on Aging Parents during the Holidays

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The holiday season is a great time to check in on your aging parents and send them tidings of comfort and joy. Making extra phone calls and planning a time to visit are great ways to spend quality social time with your parent while also checking in to see how they’re doing. As your parent ages there are some important things to look for to see if they’re having difficulty living on their own.

Phone calls to make holiday plans are a good time to check in and engage your loved one, while also listening to their voice for tone and clarity. Do they sound tired? Are their thoughts cluttered and unclear? Are they having difficulty remembering something you just said? These are all signs that your aging loved one may need help and in some cases, may indicate the need for dementia care in West Hartford. While this is not always the case, it’s best to talk to your loved one’s doctor as soon as possible to ensure health and safety as early as possible.

When visiting your elderly parents, use this as a time to socialize and interact with them. Spending quality time together and asking them questions is a great way to help ward off depression and loneliness. Also, take this time to check on their physical health. If your loved one is bumping into areas of their home or frequently tripping, this may indicate a loss of mobility and the need for more frequent assistance. Or perhaps they seem unkempt, lacking the ability or motivation to attend to hygiene daily. Weight loss is also one of the clearest clues pointing to poor health. If they only picked at their holiday meal, when seasonal fixings are usually their favorite, consider consulting with a West Hartford home care provider.

If your elderly parent or loved one’s health appears well during the holidays, don’t let the end of the season stop you from visiting and communicating with them regularly. While we often give thanks during this time, it doesn’t mean we should forget about our loved ones as busy work and family schedules take over throughout the remainder of the year. Think about planning a monthly dinner to check in on your loved one, or schedule weekly phone calls or even video chats! Skype and FaceTime are great applications that help elder adults stay in contact with friends, family and grandchildren who may not live in the area.

For those who think their aging parent might not be capable of living at home safely, then the help of a live-in caregiver in West Hartford might be the best option. A caregiver from Greater Hartford Home Care Assistance can help with household chores and provide companionship, while also enabling seniors to live independently at home. For more information on how we can help, please call a Care Manager at 860-323-3462 today!


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