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By Kathy Corcoran, 8:00 am on December 16, 2013

Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease that often leaves seniors with joint stiffness and pain. While there are some prescription medications available to help alleviate pain, there are certain supplements and activities that can help bring additional relief. The following are natural and safe ways seniors and their 24/7 Greater Hartford caregivers can help minimize and manage the symptoms and pains associated with Parkinson’s disease. Vitamin E – Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and an essential vitamin that has many benefits. In addition to promoting positive heart health and combating certain types of cancer, studies suggest that taking a Vitamin E supplement, or eating foods that are rich in Vitamin E may slow down Parkinson’s symptoms such as memory loss and the ability to perform basic tasks requiring motor ability….

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By Kathy Corcoran, 7:35 pm on December 13, 2013

Contrary to popular belief, dehydration doesn’t only occur in the summer season! While many cases of dehydration are reported in the warmer months of the year, dehydration is a problem that individuals, especially the elderly, face throughout the year. Because the topic isn’t talked about often, we wanted to provide a bit of information about elderly dehydration and what some of the warning signs are, so families and West Hartford home care providers can keep a watchful eye on vulnerable aging adults during the busy holiday season. Dehydration occurs when a senior loses more water than they take in. Simply not drinking enough water is one of the main causes for dehydration; however there are other contributing factors for older adults. For example, physical or medical conditions can make it…

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By Kathy Corcoran, 10:00 am on November 28, 2013

Brain health depends on several lifestyle factors in the same way the body does. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly and staying socially and physically active can contribute to positive overall health. In addition to the previously mentioned, studies have shown that keeping the mind active by listening to music or playing an instrument is a great way to help seniors improve their memory and even ward off dementia! Extensive research suggests that simply listening to music may help to delay or prevent dementia in the elderly. Researchers have discovered that music has the power to sooth its listeners and arouse long-forgotten memories. How does music produce these results? Most people have a memory that is associated with a song or sound. When they hear that tune, a positive memory…

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By Kathy Corcoran, 8:31 pm on November 26, 2013

Your aging mom, dad or grandparent is okay one day, but not so much the next. Maybe it’s getting to be a bit much keeping up with work and family in addition to your caregiving responsibilities. Perhaps a loved one has said something that suggests you need a break. Whatever your situation is, deciding when it’s time for in-home care can be a difficult and emotional decision. The following are a few ideas about how to approach the situation and how to confidently make a decision. Talk to Your Loved One Unless your aging loved one is currently under the supervised care of a Greater Hartford dementia care specialist or has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, or another cognitive condition, the best way to approach the need for in-home care is…

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By Kathy Corcoran, 6:24 pm on November 11, 2013

The holiday season is a great time to check in on your aging parents and send them tidings of comfort and joy. Making extra phone calls and planning a time to visit are great ways to spend quality social time with your parent while also checking in to see how they’re doing. As your parent ages there are some important things to look for to see if they’re having difficulty living on their own. Phone calls to make holiday plans are a good time to check in and engage your loved one, while also listening to their voice for tone and clarity. Do they sound tired? Are their thoughts cluttered and unclear? Are they having difficulty remembering something you just said? These are all signs that your aging loved one…

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By Kathy Corcoran, 8:54 pm on November 5, 2013

As the adult child of an aging parent, you are familiar with the challenges of making sure your elderly loved ones are safe and getting the care they need. Oftentimes, the child who lives closest to the parental home assumes the responsibility of checking in on their elderly Mom and/or Dad. While at first, check ins are infrequent, they eventually evolve into helping run errands, providing transportation and soon include helping pay bills, managing finances, giving medication reminders and constantly dropping by to assist with even the smallest tasks. While being there for their elderly loved ones or providing home care Greater Hartford family caregivers might find it difficult, time consuming and taxing both physically and emotionally. It is important that adult children ensure the safety of their elderly loved…

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By Kathy Corcoran, 5:51 pm on November 1, 2013

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, affecting nearly 5 million people in the United States. Fortunately, there are some things that you or an aging loved one can start doing today to greatly lower your risks of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. In fact, multiple studies report that adding certain foods into your diet might do the trick! Check out the following list of healthy foods from Home Care Assistance of Greater Hartford to see how you or a loved one can start combating Alzheimer’s today: Try a Mediterranean diet. This type of diet is rich in leafy greens such as spinach, kale and collard greens, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids which can be found in found in fish and a variety of nuts. In addition to a…

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By Kathy Corcoran, 6:50 pm on October 14, 2013

If you are a senior living in Greater Hartford, you’re in luck! This city has a multitude of fun and exciting things to do for the 60+ crowd. So grab your friends or family and check out these top events from Home Care Assistance in Greater Hartford, the area’s leading in-home care provider: Attend one of many free Hartford New Music Festivals at the Charter Oak Cultural Center. On October 17 guests can listen to a performance from DeConstruction, which features The Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra and The Generous Ensemble. Or, on October 19 the same ensembles will perform top-notch tunes that are accompanied by 1913-era pieces. Connecticut’s Apple Harvest Festival is certainly a family and senior-friendly event not to be missed. On October 18 visitors can listen to live music,…

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