Maintaining Late Life Friendships: Why It’s Important and How to Do It

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Many people refer to the years after retirement as the Golden Years. However, many senior citizens do not see it that way, whether they are dealing with health issues, have lost a spouse, or are coping with newfound feelings of depression or loneliness. It is so important for aging men and women to maintain late-in-life friendships to help them cope with the various aspects of aging.

Having a good friend to turn to at any time is essential in every stage of life, but especially for aging adults. By staying in touch with others through the bond of friendship, it makes it possible for seniors to remain active, mentally alert, and connected to life. Without a friend, close relative or 24/7 care companion in West Hartford to provide support, senior citizens tend to shut down emotionally, mentally and physically.

There are many ways that senior citizens can maintain late-in-life friendships during this day and age, even if mobility or transportation is an issue. Seniors can meet up at regular local events at one of the two senior centers in West Hartford, CT. They can arrange to go for daily or weekly walks with their loved ones or they can put together a regular book or sewing group. Scheduling regular social events, something that establishes a routine, is great for seniors and provides them with something to look forward to.

There are plenty of options for seniors who are homebound or without the ability to drive. First and foremost, an hourly caregiver in West Hartford from Home Care Assistance would be happy to provide transportation assistance to regular social events. Our caregivers are also reliable and loyal companions, oftentimes forming meaningful long-term bonds with their senior clients.

Another option for homebound seniors is to utilize modern-day technology to their advantage. Aside from scheduling phone calls with friends, they could also experiment with social media, Skype and Facetime. These new forms of communication allow seniors to see who they’re talking to, making it a more personal connection.

Without the gift of friendship, socialization,and human contact, it becomes harder for elderly adults to find purpose and passion in daily living. If your aging parent is without regular social interaction and is having a hard time maintaining friendships as they grow older, consider getting them help by hiring an hourly or live-in caregiver from Home Care Assistance of Greater Hartford, CT. Our caregivers can fulfill several of your senior’s needs. They can encourage social activities, provide genuine companionship, assist with transportation and so much more.

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