The 2015 White Conference on Aging

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The White House Conference on Aging is held so that interested groups and individuals can discuss issues important to senior adults. The 2015 Conference will recognize the 50th anniversary of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Older Americans Act. It will also commemorate the 80th anniversary of Social Security. This conference, which is held only every 10 years, is of great importance to U.S. seniors and caregivers around the country, which is why you can trust your local home care. West Hartford Home Care Assistance pays close attention to conference details and discussions. We have also taken the time to provide some information on the upcoming conference, but complete details can be found at

What are the issues to be discussed?

The 2015 Conference will focus on key issues such as:

  • Retirement security
  • Long-term services and supports for seniors
  • Healthy aging
  • Financial exploitation, abuse, and neglect of the oldest Americans.

When and where will it be held?

The exact date and location of the Conference has not been determined. The 2005 Conference was held in Washington, DC. It is possible that much of the Conference will be held in regional meetings and online, utilizing newer technology in an endeavor to engage directly with older homebound adults and those interested in senior issues. The matter of location and format may depend upon budget allocation.

Who may attend the Conference?


Attendance in the past has been limited to appointed delegates. Participant and delegate selection details have not been announced.

What will be accomplished?

Some people were disappointed with the accomplishments of the 2005 Conference. The upcoming Conference could be significant, considering the rapid increase in the older adult population. Discussion of updating Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid may be determined by the political climate.

If you visit the conference website, senior adults have an opportunity to submit questions, discussion topics and even their own personal story if they wish to potentially have it shared during the conference. The devoted caregivers in West Hartford will be keeping you updated on more information about the conference as it is released. However, if you’re interested in receiving help for a senior loved one now, give us a call at 860-323-3462 to schedule a free in-home consultation.



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