5 Fun Holiday Activities for Seniors

By Christine Durrer, 9:00 am on November 25, 2014

The holiday season can be a hard time for seniors who miss loved ones who are gone or who no longer see some family members who have moved away or out-of-state. Therefore, it is especially important to plan activities and keep your elderly relative active and involved during the holiday season. The well-qualified staff at Hartford Home Care Assistance suggest the following ideas that your senior is sure to enjoy. “A Cup of Christmas Tea” Party Invite two or three family …

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Holiday Activities Seniors Will Love

November Caregiver of the Month

By Christine Durrer, 11:46 pm on November 18, 2014

This month, Home Care Assistance of Greater Hartford has awarded Kathy Taylor with our Caregiver of the Month. Kathy is an amazing caregiver who puts her knowledge and skills to use to benefit the clients she cares for.  She goes above and beyond, ensuring that the client’s needs are met and all the little things are in place, in a quiet and gracious way. She has demonstrated her desire for learning by completing 13 courses offered by HCA University and …

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November Caregiver of the Month

The 2015 White Conference on Aging

By Christine Durrer, 7:05 pm on November 11, 2014

The White House Conference on Aging is held so that interested groups and individuals can discuss issues important to senior adults. The 2015 Conference will recognize the 50th anniversary of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Older Americans Act. It will also commemorate the 80th anniversary of Social Security. This conference, which is held only every 10 years, is of great importance to U.S. seniors and caregivers around the country, which is why you can trust your local senior care provider in …

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National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

By Christine Durrer, 10:18 pm on November 4, 2014

Every November, healthcare professionals are appreciated during National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. Those who have experienced the caring and conscious services provided by these caregivers understand the immeasurable value for both patient and family. Serious and terminal illnesses can cause high levels of stress and anxiety, but hospice and palliative caregivers in Hartford help in many different ways. What are hospice and palliative care? Hospice is care for those with terminal illness. Palliative care is care designed to improve …

Hospice Care in Hartford

Maintaining Late Life Friendships: Why It’s Important and How to Do It

By Christine Durrer, 8:00 am on October 28, 2014

Many people refer to the years after retirement as the Golden Years. However, many senior citizens do not see it that way, whether they are dealing with health issues, have lost a spouse, or are coping with newfound feelings of depression or loneliness. It is so important for aging men and women to maintain late-in-life friendships to help them cope with the various aspects of aging. Having a good friend to turn to at any time is essential in every …

Late-Life Senior Friendships

Preparing Seniors for Connecticut Winters

By Christine Durrer, 8:00 am on October 21, 2014

Cold weather in Harford, CT can inconvenience the most able-bodied individual, but it can be especially challenging for older adults. Cold temperatures, ice and snow all pose significant risks to the elderly population. Taking steps to prepare for the winter can ease the transition and safeguard seniors against certain potential hazards. Listed below are some tips from the expert senior caregivers in Greater Hartford at Home Care Assistance. Supplies A well-stocked supply of winter necessities helps prepare for some of …

Winter Safety for Seniors

Simple Ways to Brighten a Senior Loved One’s Day

By Christine Durrer, 4:23 pm on October 14, 2014

There are a variety of ways that you can improve your loved one’s day. The best part is, most of these ways are completely free and require little else than your time. With the tips listed below, provided by Home Care Assistance of Greater Hartford, you’ll enhance a senior’s quality of life by giving them some of your quality time.  Talk About What They Love Reminiscing on the good times is one way to brighten up your loved one’s day, …

Spending Time with Seniors

Moving Aging Parents In: Things to Consider Before You Do

By Christine Durrer, 8:00 am on October 7, 2014

Before World War II, it was common in American households to have several generations living under one roof. This created an opportunity for parents to work while grandparents took responsibility for child care, allowing everyone to save money on things like housing. Today, many adult children are making the choice to reinstate this style of living, either for economic reasons or to care for aging parents who are unable to care for themselves. However, this move could come with some …

Moving Senior Parents In

In-Home Health Checks You Can Do Right Now

By Christine Durrer, 8:53 pm on September 30, 2014

As we get older, our bodies become more vulnerable to a variety of health risks. Keeping track of your health with simple in-home checks can help detect and diagnose serious conditions early on. While these easy self-inspections can be helpful, whenever something doesn’t seem quite right, it’s always best to make an appointment to see your physician. Examine Your Moles Many people fail to notice abnormal moles or other changing spots on their skin. Examine moles on your neck, back, …

In-Home Health Checks for Elders

Factors that Influence a Senior’s Quality of Life: Part 2 of 2

By Christine Durrer, 8:00 am on September 23, 2014

Welcome to Part 2 of our two part series on factors that influence a senior’s quality of life. If you missed part 1, click here.  Home Care Assistance wanted to address these four important aspects of aging because they can potentially have a profound effect on quality of life is a senior adult doesn’t have the in-home support and care that they need. Being aware of these factors and taking the steps to reduce their negative effects can greatly increase …

Elderly Couple Happy at Home